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Freelance Services Outside of Video:

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Strategy and Campaign Management

Not only does Michael Claudio Productions specialize in video - but we also help manage brands and businesses social content and digital media channels based on their monthly marketing budgets. Reach out today and start generating leads now:

Make Business Easy.


Working in marketing and media over the last 5 years has allowed us to develop a large network of industry leading copywriters, web developers, producers, and graphic designers. We make sure to give your business and brand high quality, yet budget friendly and consistent content.  Be as hands on as you want or turn it over to us and rest easy knowing your digital marketing is in good hands.  

  • Email: You might be surprised how effective your company’s emails can be with help from our designers or the addition of a video. Every email you send is a tiny advertisement for your company, so it’s worth the effort to make them worth reading. We’ll ensure that when people see your name in their inbox, they click on it.

  • Social: The Internet is our new reality. A strong, noticeable presence on social media is no longer an “extra” in the business world - It’s the key to winning it. Conveniently, it’s also the place to grow your customer base over the long term.  We will create, develop, and manage all social platforms utilizing a variety of content. #wecanhelp #getexcited

  • Website: Our web developers can develop you a site from scratch or clean up your existing one.  We also can take a look at your current site to make sure it is Search Engine Optimized.  That being said...

  • Search: Want to be found? We employ intelligent search engine optimization and search engine marketing to make sure that when people do an Internet search for your website, it’s at the top of the list and above your competitors. We will clean up and claim all online listings of your business.

  • Analytics: Real-time tracking produces results that our team analyzes to optimize your entire digital presence. That means we make sure what we’re doing for you is working and show you the evidence to prove it.​​


We identify what makes each of our clients the standout in their industry, then communicate that to the specific audience they want to reach. We will look at where you are spending digitally, how you can best use it, and more efficiently spend it.


  • Research: We roll up our sleeves and utilize both time-tested and innovative methods to collect and translate data. This is an enormously powerful tool for identifying how to communicate your messaging and how to adapt it going forward.

  • Branding: A brand is more than a logo. It’s a promise that tells people what to expect. Your brand is your reputation, and we can help you forge it into whatever you want it to be. If you’re not telling people who you are, someone else is. From review responses to video ads to signage, we will empower you to be in control of your brand.

  • Campaign Management: We will coordinate and oversee complex, multi-platform campaigns for maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.  Not sure how best to approach a Facebook Ad campaign or Google Ad Words?  Our team will have you covered and can even train your team how to do it so it can eventually be set and forgotten about.

  • Message Development: Social and digital media require clear and clean cut communication.  Our team of copy writers will write new content daily from blogs and thought leadership pieces to promotions and social media updates.  

  • Someone You Can Always Call: With our team you can call us with any question you have - no matter what day or what time we will be there to help.

Globalization concept
Business Team


Effective, unique creative work is at the heart of any successful communications campaign. We guarantee we will create bold ideas that increase your brand’s visibility. And that means a growing business and leads!

  • Copy: Our network of writers and social media associates come from a background in media and publishing having created content for brands such as Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, CBS, and Vice. 

  • Design: Advertising is often built on the back of design, and we leverage our graphic designers based on your businesses needs and background so we have an artist that is specialized in your field.

  • Print: Whereas a Web ad is designed for split-second absorption, a print ad is designed to catch a reader’s eye and engage him or her. From programs at industry conventions to banners spanning entire walls in airports, we create print ads that get noticed.  (Our whole teams background came from print after all!)

  • Video: Last but not least - video is our bread and butter and the foundation our business is built on.  Allow us to use our abundant video resources to create everything from digital commercial for Facebook and Google ads to a daily monthly video newsletter.  We also can live stream special events for you. We are FAA Part 107 certified and can supply drone services as well for video/photo.


Our goal is to get your message in front of your audience, no matter where or who they are. Whether earned media (i.e. stories about you in the news) or purchased advertising – we’ve built relationships throughout the tri state area that maximizes your exposure.

  • Targeting: Ensuring that a particular ad is seen by the specific people you want to see it is, simply put, an art form that draws its power equally from experience and research.

  • Traditional Media: If you grew up watching, reading or listening to it, that’s traditional media.  TV, print, and radio are still one of the best ways to reach the most people but not many businesses know how to get started.  We have your back.

  • Tracking: We track the performance of every ad, particularly within a larger campaign, so we can stop spending your money on platforms that are underperforming and maximize your exposure on the best-performing websites or digital venues.  Tell us your budget and we will maximize it.

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